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Diverse, authentic storytelling that challenges the world to do better.

Award-winning films commissioned by Al Jazeera, PBS, International Rescue Committee, AFL-CIO, California Democratic Party. Feature and shorts from USA, Japan, South Africa, Kenya, Turkey, Cuba, Lebanon, Greece, Morocco. 

World of Story

“Look for the truth in the people, and store it in your heart. Look for the truthin yourself, and take it back to the people…”

--Yevgeny Yevtushenko

Amie Williams is the creative director and founder of Global Girl Media Productions. She is a documentary filmmaker, writer and journalist. Her articles are published in journals, magazines and newspapers.  She is also the co-founder of Global Girl Media, an international NGO that trains under-served young women in citizen journalism. Stay tuned for her upcoming book, FIRST FIG, about building a house on a Greek island during the pandemic and learning about Mary Magdalene, who, according to legend visited the same island centuries before her.

Other work

Global Girl Media Productions produces advocacy and campaign videos for NGO's, political candidates and community-based organizations globally. Our work advocates for a more ethical, humane and sustainabe world. now exploring new avenues and collaborations that speak to the female-forward momentum fueled by the #BLM and #metoo movements, human-centered and creative pursuits that help us all thrive.

Please contact Amie Williams to order any of the films on this site for educational or personal
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