I’m an independent filmmaker and journalist with a passion for telling stories from the margins. Armed with little more than a camera and backpack, I’ve traveled the world inspired by legions of women, workers, immigrants, refugees and outliers, always looking for the untold story.

In my work I have always been dedicated to taking a personal look at the idea of conflict, borders, gender relations, cultural and political divisions and the effect these issues have on individual relationships, families, and communities. Much of my work has focused on women, putting women at the center of the story.

I co-founded the non-profit GlobalGirl Media.org which trains young women as citizen journalists around the world.  I am galvanized and thrilled about the creative ways young women are addressing their economic, cultural and personal challenges with new technologies, from Morocco to Kosovo to South Africa, we at GlobalGirl Media are leading a girl-media tech revolution to intervene, innovate, and inspire.


GGM Productions (formerly Bal-Maiden Films) has produced over 100 Advocacy and Promotional Videos, short documentaries, PSA’s and media campaigns for: